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Dividend Calculator
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Most recent year is YTD

Dividends  (TSX - AQN)
Description: Common shares, no par value
Current Dividend Yield (%): 5.03
Ex-Dividend Date Record Date Announce Date Pay Date Amount Frequency
9/27/20189/28/20188/9/201810/12/20180.1282 USD Quarterly
6/28/20186/29/20185/10/20187/13/20180.1282 USD Quarterly
3/28/20183/29/20183/1/20184/13/20180.1165 USD Quarterly
12/28/201712/29/201711/14/20171/12/20180.1165 USD Quarterly
9/28/20179/29/20178/10/201710/13/20170.1165 USD Quarterly
6/28/20176/30/20175/11/20177/14/20170.1165 USD Quarterly
3/29/20173/31/20171/16/20174/14/20170.1165 USD Quarterly
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Dividends  (TSX - AQN.A)
Description: Variable rate series A cumulative preferred shares
Current Dividend Yield (%): 4.79
Ex-Dividend Date Record Date Announce Date Pay Date Amount Frequency
9/13/20189/15/20188/9/201810/1/20180.2813 CAD Quarterly
6/14/20186/15/20185/10/20187/3/20180.2813 CAD Quarterly
3/14/20183/15/20183/1/20183/29/20180.2813 CAD Quarterly
12/14/201712/15/201711/14/201712/29/20170.2813 CAD Quarterly
9/14/20179/15/20178/10/20179/29/20170.2813 CAD Quarterly
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Dividends  (TSX - AQN.D)
Description: Variable rate series D cumulative preferred shares
Current Dividend Yield (%): 4.98
Ex-Dividend Date Record Date Announce Date Pay Date Amount Frequency
9/13/20189/15/20188/9/201810/1/20180.3125 CAD Quarterly
6/14/20186/15/20185/10/20187/3/20180.3125 CAD Quarterly
3/14/20183/15/20183/1/20183/29/20180.3125 CAD Quarterly
12/14/201712/15/201711/14/201712/29/20170.3125 CAD Quarterly
9/14/20179/15/20178/10/20179/29/20170.3125 CAD Quarterly
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For Canadian resident shareholders, dividends declared on both common shares and Preferred Shares, Series A are considered as "eligible dividends" for purposes of the dividend tax credit rules contained in the Income Tax Act (Canada).